John Trask grew up on the tip of Lake Superior, WI and had a natural athleticism for the many sports he played. Even though only three months out of the year yielded weather-permitting conditions, tennis was his sport of choice.

During his High School career, he competed as a doubles player and helped lead his team to multiple sectional titles. In his senior season, he made the move to singles playing and his team, The Duluth - Marshall Hilltoppers, took 2nd in the State that year.

He attended College in Santa Fe, NM where he continued to compete in club tennis for two years before trading in his tennis racquet for a racquetball one. He would go on to compete at the open/professional level before returning to the sport of tennis full time at the age of 26.

John is USPTA Elite® Certified with 7,000+ on-court hours of experience, coaching players of all ages and skill levels. He has attended international conferences and is recognized for his passion, multidisciplinary approach, and positive results.

John’s tennis teaching philosophy is rooted in recognizing “teachable” moments and helping his young players understand personal accountability on and off the court.

“understand personal accountability
on the court first - and then the rest.”